Collaboration with DEATH BY FUNGI (Hardcore from Mumbai)



Death by Fungi was formed in 2013 by Vrishank Menon and Kamran Raza, quickly releasing their first demo later that year. The addition of Aryaman Chatterjee to the line-up, saw the band shift towards a more aggressive and abrasive hardcore sound, as documented in their self-titled EP in 2015. A string of live shows followed which allowed the band to develop a local audience as well as further elucidate upon their new sound – as can be heard on their latest EP “In Dearth Of”.

Taking inspiration from a wide spectrum of sonic sources, ranging from the likes of Converge and Shai Hulud to Propagandhi and Deftones, DBF forge a contemporary hardcore/punk sound with intelligent songwriting and infectious guitar-work. Further aiding the audio assault, the EP is mixed by Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise).



“Our music is fueled by the anger and emotion that we’re caught in, often as a result of the social and political conditions of the country and city we were born in. Bombay makes its way thematically into our music repeatedly and our identities as young people growing up in an old culture is central to everything we write.”
———————– Vrishank Menon

“I tend to hear things in a technical way when I’m working with music, and then hear it differently as a listener later, but today I was listening and feeling like it was a very progressive sounding record. And I mean that in that it’s not one dimensionally derivative. There are lots of influences at play that aren’t commonly joined, and I love it.”
———————– Brad Boatright


Album Art
Artwork by Anoop Bhat



01. Black Lung
02. Pathfinder
03. Iced
04. Endless Rain

Length – 11:03


Vrishank Menon – Guitars, Vocals

Aryaman Chatterjee – Drums, Backup Vocals

Kamran Raza – Bass



Promo will be delivered to the media partners within a few days, and interested zines/blogs/radio stations and other media platforms are requested to contact at in order to be added to our promo list.


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