Rates & Services

100 days Campaign for all sorts of Releases
[Full Length/EP/Demo/Split] and Tour/Gig/Fests]

[Affordable and at the same time Worthwhile]


Online/Viral Media Review, Interview, Streaming and other features in various Webzines, Blogs, Ezines etc. around the world.
Printed Media Review, Interview and other features in Magazines, Fanzines etc.
News Release Creation and Distribution of Professional News Release
Radio/Podcast Tracks playing in various Radio Shows and Podcasts
Social Media Support Frequent Promotion in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Lastfm and more
Content Writing All sorts of Content Writing for the campaign
Bonus Services i.                    Music Video Promotion

ii.                  Tour and Live Press Support

iii.                Support and Consultation related to Marketing and Distribution

iv.                Assisting in terms of putting Advertise in online, social and press media.

Note: Duration of the campaign can be extended with additional fee.

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