DIVISION VANSINNE (Black/Death from Sweden) Released Single; Full Length to be Released via Black Lion Records

Alliance between Qabar – Extreme Music PR  Black Lion Records keeps going on.  Being the official PR Partner of the label, the Extreme Music PR Machine “Qabar” will be doing the PR/Promotional activities of the debut full length of DIVISION VANSINNE, entitled as “Dimension Darkness”, which is to be released via Black Lion Records in August.

 was created at the year of 2008 by guitarist and current vocalist TortureXvidian with the idea to keep the old spirit of early 90’s black/death metal alive.

Band Photo

Previously the lineup contained Hatlevnad on vocals alongside Likh on bass, Terrorblaster on drums and TortureXvidian on guitars. Terrorblaster left the band in 2009 to focus on Desultor, thus being replaced by German “Cirkle of Chaos, Helvegen” on drums. While several guitar players tried out for the band, German left and Ljusebring Terrorblaster returned. Afterwards, Likh and Hatlevnad left the band as well.


Cover Artwork


After a lot of hard work, the band entered the studio in 2015 with Likh back on bass, and the album Dimension Darkness was born. Musically, the album builds itself around pure old school black/death metal aesthetics, blasting tempos with a variety of riffs and leads. Lyrically they deal in topics related to war, torture, demonic/evil themes, in both Swedish and English.




Label: Black Lion Records (Sweden)



01. Intro
02. Första Terror Pergamentet
03. Goathorns Rising
04. Helt åt Helvete Med Allt
05. Sadistic Love Session
06. Ändlöst Jävla Galenskap i Blod
07. Ritual
08. Flyende Under Solens Pest
09. När Allt Har Brunnit Ner
10. Dimenson Darkness
11. Outro


General Tvx (Vocals, Guitars)

Likh (Bass)

Ljusebring Terrorblaster (Drums)



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