Collaboration with Idolatry (Can) and Unrest (USA) for their split – “Infection Born of Ending”

Very First Venture of Qabar – Extreme Music PR. Recently Edmonton’s blasphemous entity Idolatry has united with the Colombus based raw black metaller Unrest for a two way split, entitled as “Infection Born of Ending”. Qabar PR has been assigned the homage to handle the Promotional/PR activities of this staggering black metal split. Limited number of copies of the split has been released from Appalachian Noise Records  in 7″ format.



Has already made a great impact with their self titled debut ep and the ghastly music video of the track “Clefs au Chambre de Tristêsse (A Key to the Room of Sadness)“. The atheistic satanic quartet has been regularly participating in various live rituals. On the final leg of their Cross-Canada tour, the band was involved in a brutal crash (that cracked the ribs of their vocalist) but persevered and went on to play Farmageddon Open air Festival just after 02 weeks of intermission. The band is currently working on their full length album. 


Invokes from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The brainchild of the band is the lone member, Destroyer, who seeks to explore the darker recesses of the human condition. Debut full length, “Isolation” delivers a raw, unrelenting and uncompromising sound that takes the listener to a dark, visceral path.


In addition, Qabar PR will also be dealing with the promotional campaign of the upcoming Black Metal poetry book by Lörd Matzigkeitus (Vocalist of Idolatry) and the book is entitled as “Catharsis Spoke her Virtuous Evil”. Promo will be delivered to the media partners within a few days, and interested zines/blogs/radio stations and other media platforms are requested to contact at in order to be added to our promo list.


Purchasing Link of the Split:



Idolatry Facebook  || Unrest Facebook


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