Venustas Diabolicus Premiered first single from Burial Dust’s EP

Nefarious Bengal Black Metal troop BURIAL DUST released their debut ep, “Oshubho Ahobaan” (Ominous Calling” in English) on February 05, 2016. 27 minutes ep consists of 05 chaotic tracks that manifests sheer blasphemy, death, darkness and Egyptian mythology.

Venustas Diabolicus premiered the second track, “Where is Your Rahmaa”. Arabic word Rahmaa means “Merciful” and is used as one of the names of Allah (God). The band lambasted the genocide, molestation and other grievous transgressions that take place in the name of the most merciful.

“Sonicaly the track represents the ambiance of chaos and profanity that becomes so evocative with the addition of the eastern aura. The melding of the overall elements clearly visualize the lyrical image in front of our eyes; the image that describes about the destructive sides of the completely fabricated teachings of religion. “

————- Venustas Diabolicus

Streaming Link:

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