Latest conspiracy – Austrian sludge/doom band THROES sophomore album “KORO”

The propaganda machine of Qabar PR continues to spread its shadow. Our latest conspiracy is with Austrian sludge/doom band THROES, who had formed back in 2012 as a three piece. Their debut album “Use Your Confusion I-VII” was unleashed in 2013, featuring their sound in a nascent stage of development. This was followed by live appearances, supporting the likes of Eyehategod, Crowbar, Tombs, Ufomammut, Lantlos, among other prominent names. After further honing their craft, they returned in December 2015, heavier and filthier than before with “KORO” – which will now be promoted through the services of Qabar PR.


Artwork by MARIAN WAIBL.


“KORO” covers a wide sonic template, reflecting a plethora of different influences. The harsh soundscapes are built around lamenting, mournful melodies that throne upon grinding tectonics of the riff, until a fog of noise and sound covers the swamp of lead and trombone. The atmosphere recalls the futility of escaping the gravity of existence – as can be witnessed in the music video of “Crepusculo Decrepitude”



Track List:

1. Zepsuta
2. Crepusculo Decrepitude    
3. Horde Ov Hyenas
4. Planet Lobotomy
5. Everything Is Hostile




Promo will be delivered to the media partners within a few days, and interested zines/blogs/radio stations and other media platforms are requested to contact at in order to be added to our promo list.

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