Alliance with Bangladeshi Thrash Metaller SURTUR for the debut EP – “Descendant of Time”

Bangladeshi thrash metal scene is getting much stronger like a blaze. Surtur is a part of that lethal thrash metal troop of Bangladesh and they have already made an impact in the scene with their live performances. The band is on the edge of releasing their debut EP – entitled as “Descendant of Time”.  The EP will be released independently on November 13, 2015 in CD-R format (limited copies) and Qabar PR will be doing the promotional campaign of this destructive four tracked EP.

Artwork of Descendant of Time – Done By Safwan Hossain

‘Descendant of Time’
depicts a true heavy metal fantasy about the arrival of a messiah from the old school roots who will put reins on all that is phony and immaterial. All songs are composed by principal songwriter Shadman Omee amidst input from the band, with an aim to stay as close as possible to the musical style and tempo of late 80’s and early 90’s thrash metal.

Track List:
i.   Prologue to Chaos
ii.  Descendant of Time
iii. Maggot Filled Brain
iv.  Demolisher


Surtur band photo

Promo will be delivered to the media partners within a few days, and interested zines/blogs/radio stations and other media platforms are requested to contact at in order to be added to our promo list.

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